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   Published by Chugoku Gakuen University / Chugoku Junior College

Volume 13

1. A Practical Research on Fostering "Global Human Resources" Part II -- Through Conducting "Okayama English Village" Events --

Matsuhata, Kiichi and Ohashi, Noriaki and Saiki, Takehiko and Sumida, Midori and Takeno, Junichiro and Nago, Tomoko pp. 1-8.

2. Exemplifying the Language and Content Learning, Cognitive and Social Benefits of Project-Based Language Learning Through a Mini-Research Project

Moritoshi, Paul pp. 9-14.

3. Cooperative Learning in the EFL Reading Classroom in Tertiary Education: A Way to Improve the Classroom Climate throughthe Communicative Use of a Questionnaire

Sunami-Burden, Kyoko pp. 15-20.

4. What Makes Someone a Better Business Leader? Necessities of Emotional Intelligence, Flexible Thinking, Action and More...

Sasaki, Kimiyuki pp. 21-26.

5. The Eeffect of Soaking on the Soluble Oxalic Acid Content of Spinach

Shimada, Yoshihiro pp. 27-31.

6. Effects of Korean Red Pepper on Lipid Metabolism in the Rats

Nakamura, Sho and Hamada, Hiroki and Moriwaki, Akiyoshi pp. 33-37.

7. Categorical Perception and Reading Skill: A Survey of Japanese Second Graders

Ogino, Tatsuya and Hanafusa, Kaoru and Morooka, Teruko and Takeuchi, Akihito and Oka, Makio and Tsushima, Yasuko and Sanada, Satoshi and Ohtsuka, Yoko pp. 39-45.

8. A Study on Coaching to Develop School Principals’ Professional Competence as Reflective Practitioners

Sasaki, Hironori pp. 47-56.