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   Published by Chugoku Gakuen University / Chugoku Junior College

Volume 12

1. A Practical Research on Fostering "Global Human Resources" Part I -- Through Conducting "Okayama English Village" Events --

Matsuhata, Kiichi and Ohashi, Noriaki and Saiki, Takehiko and Sumida, Midori and Nago, Tomoko pp. 1-7.

2. Determination of Oxalic Acid in Urine by Ion Chromatography

Shimada, Yoshihiro pp. 9-12.

3. A Novel Implication of the Physiological Importance of Local Protons at the Membrane Surface of Organellar Vesicles in Eukaryote Cells: Organellar Type Na+ from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Plays an Important Role in the Formation of Multivesicular Bodies

Kanazawa, Hiroshi and Mitsui, Keiji pp. 13-19.