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   Published by Chugoku Gakuen University / Chugoku Junior College

Volume 5

1. A Study of Reading Gains as Related to Extensive Reading

J. Lemmer, Richard pp. 1-5.

2. Establishing English Only Classrooms

Leane, Shirley pp. 7-12.

3. Quantitative Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Vegetables by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

嶋田, 義弘 and 高, 早苗 pp. 13-16.

4. Color Expression on Dorsal Skin of Japanese Tree Frogs

Shirakata, Yoshinori and 上島, 孝久 pp. 17-21.

5. cDNA Cloning and Analysis of the Chicken Homolog of E.coli Endonuclease Ⅲ

関, 周司 and 中村, 貴志 and 関, 雄一 pp. 23-27.

6. Effect of Kitocohol^R on Proliferation of Virulent Bacteria

林, 英生 and 真鍋, 芳江 and 高, 早苗 and Koujima, Izumi pp. 29-34.